From the Pasteur Institute to the present …

1918 Foundation of RAL DIAGNOSTICS, specialist of biological staining

Founded in 1918, RAL Diagnostics is a true leader in biological stainings among medical analysis laboratories in France and in French-speaking countries. Its original founders are none other than two collaborators of Louis Pasteur, professors Roux and Legroux and M. Agulhon, Director of Kulhman industries.


poulenc1960 RAL DIAGNOSTICS joins Rhône-Poulenc group

Following a number of mergers in the area of chemistry, RAL Diagnostics, known at the time as Réactifs RAL, joined the Rhône-Poulenc group (Aventis) and added its health-care division.


1996 Changing facilities to Martillac 

RAL Diagnostics became independent and transferred production facilities to Technopolis Bordeaux Montesquieu in Martillac in South-western France. The Technopolis Bordeaux Montesquieu regroups laboratories and high technology firms in an exeptional natural environment, between Pessac Léognan vineyards and pine forest.


2007 RAL DIAGNOSTICS innovates with Fluo-RAL

Creation of Fluo-RAL, a methanol-free fluorescence test for swift and reliable detection of mycobacteria.

Kit-RAL-Stainer-MCDh2010 Launch of MCDh (Micro Chromatic detection haematology)

This is the first high definition biological staining in haematology, specifically concepted for the digital image analysis, which in addition is methanol-free. A patent has been filed by RAL Diagnostics for this high-tech product.


2011-2012 RAL DIAGNOSTICS is diversifying with instruments

Réactifs RAL gives way to RAL Diagnostics, a more accurate designation in terms of diversification of our activities. Indeed, in 2011, the company launches a range of instruments featuring the new Fluo-RAL Module and the RAL Stainer, an automated multi-application staining device.


stainbox-colorants2014 RAL StainBox is marketed

RAL Stainbox, a semi-automatic staining system using a bath technique, is put on the market. This new device, designed for small laboratories or as a support solution for peak production in large laboratories, combines easy-of-use and performance.