Research & Development

Staying at the forefront of products for In Vitro Diagnostics

Continuing with the pioneering spirit instilled by its founders, Research and Development has for many years been at the centre of development and major innovation at CellaVision – RAL Diagnostics.

From our position as specialists in dye chemistry, we have become a true partner of medical diagnostic laboratories, supporting them in their endeavour to continuously improve.

CellaVision – RAL Diagnostics has organized its Research & Development department to address the requirements and concerns of its customers by fully researching all the products it offers. Our teams are attuned to our customers’ needs allowing them to develop innovative solutions in the field of chemistry, biology, mechanics, optics, electronics or even artificial intelligence.

Our researchers are constantly striving to expand their areas of expertise to other related fields, especially through dynamic exchanges with institutional and private experts in relevant areas. Regarding our deep humanistic convictions, we strive to offer products that meet specific needs and help both patients and users to progress. These core values underpinning our philosophy give rise to five main research principles:

• Greater decision-making capacity

• Improvement of existing product lines, especially in terms of environmental friendliness and user safety.

• Easy of use

• Standardisation

• Traceability

In recent years, these elevated laboratory standards have resulted in the production of: Copro-Duo Kit, Pack immersion, Fluo-RAL Kit, Fluo-Track Kit and RAL MCDh Kit.