RAL Diagnostics changes its image!

As you know, RAL Diagnostics became part of the CellaVision Group in 2019. Organisationally, RAL Diagnostics now becomes the Reagents Division of the CellaVision Group. We have begun a rebranding, so you will see some changes in our communication channels. However, RAL Diagnostics SAS still remains the legal entity. Documents as contracts, invoices, ISO certification… will continue to be registered under RAL Diagnostics SAS.

Rebranding, what is it?

The rebranding is the change of the brand identity of a company. This will involve a change of logo, graphic charter, name… So many elements that will be applied to all communication supports used.

The rebranding also allows to modernize or to revalue the image of a brand.

For us, the rebranding was necessary to have an identical visual identity and to connect our two entities to the same brand.

In reality, what does this change?

First, the name and logotype.

RAL Diagnostics becomes CellaVision – RAL Diagnostics, the Reagents Division. Our logo changes and proudly displays the colors of CellaVision.

Old and new logo

Then, all our supports are going to be modified, that it is our brochures, catalogs, posters, IFUs, labels. In short, all the elements on which our graphic charter is applied.

Our email addresses have also changed. They now end with The old emails still work and automatically redirect to our new addresses.

As you can see, our website has adopted this new visual identity.

Rebranding is an exciting project, but it’s also a long journey and a lot of work.

That’s why we are proceeding in steps. Initially we are focusing the rebranding on the hematology range, which will be ready for the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Changes will continue to be made to our other ranges until the end of 2022.

Last november, we celebrated this new change internally and unveiled our new logo to all collaborators.

Back in video :

Rebranding CellaVision - RAL Diagnostics


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.