How does RAL contribute to stop Tuberculosis

World Tuberculosis Day

138 years ago Robert Koch announced the discovery of the pathogenic agent responsible for tuberculosis (TB), allowing to work on diagnosis and treatment methods. Commemorating this scientific progress, each year at this date takes place the world TB day. The objective of this day is to alert and inform the public about this worldwide epidemic disease. Despite TB knowledge, huge means still need to be put in place to eradicate this disease.  

RAL Diagnostics believes and helps the fight against tuberculosis by enabling the labs and specifically lab technicians to perform a safer and more accurate diagnosis, leading to a better treatment for patients.    

Facts and figures about tuberculosis   

Tuberculosis is the second biggest cause of death by an infectious agent worldwide after AIDS.

(Sources WHO – World Health Organization) 

Tuberculosis diagnosis

Depending on laboratory resources and national guidelines, the sample preparation remains the first step of the diagnosis chain.

Here are the main steps in TB diagnosis. 








Sputum represent 85% of the analyzed samples for TB presumption. These samples are mainly composed of mucus, which may contain different types of bacteria. Without prior treatment, the mycobacteria potentially present in these samples are not accessible for observation.

How RAL Diagnostics helps eradicate tuberculosis

With strong knowhow in providing quality stains, especially in TB, RAL Diagnostics wants to continue streamlining the work of lab technicians by helping them with their sample processing step with the development of the RAL TB Prep kit.

 RAL TB Prep Kit = 4 STEPS   

  1. Decontaminate samples from other bacterial species  
  2. Digest samples in order to release mycobacteria  
  3. Concentrate mycobacteria  
  4. Keep mycobacteria alive for liquid or solid cultures 

After sample preparation, mycobacteria observation can be performed thanks to fluorescent or conventional microscopies.

In this field, RAL Diagnostics developed effective staining products that simplify the work of technicians with the Fluo-RAL kit and the Cold ZN kit. 

Tuberculosis treatment and resistance  

Current treatments against TB consist in a long antibiotics therapy with an association of three different antibiotics. Between 2000 and 2018, WHO estimates that 58 million lives were saved by global efforts to end TB. However, 484, 000 news cases with a resistance to rifampicin (the most effective antibiotic used) were identified in 2018 out of which 78% of cases showing multidrug resistance

In the latest global report, WHO highlighted that “the world must accelerate progress if it is to reach the Sustainable Development Goal of ending TB by 2030”. This fact is particularly important when we know that 3 million people with TB did not receive the help they needed in 2018.   

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