RAL DIAGNOSTICS celebrated its 100 years at the Institut Pasteur

On July 4th the brand RAL DIAGNOSTICS celebrated its 100 years !

It was only natural to organize this milestone at the Institut Pasteur, where it all began for RAL DIAGNOSTICS. Indeed, the brand “RAL” was created in 1918 by three collaborators of Louis Pasteur : Pr Roux, M. Agulhon (director of Kuhlman Industries) and Pr. Legroux.

During this day we had the pleasure to welcome speakers from different areas of expertise:

Pr. Stewart Cole (President of the Institut Pasteur) and Pr. Maxime Schwartz who gave us an insight on the creation of the Institut Pasteur and the birth of RAL,

Henk Jansen (Marketing Manager Haematology – Sysmex Europe) gave a lecture about “Blood Morphology : the Cornerstone of Diagnosis”,

Pr Florence Doucet-Populaire and Dr Guilia Manina (Institut Pasteur) held a conference on Tuberculosis .

And the closing speech was held by Julien Veyssy, newly appointed COO of RAL DIAGNOSTICS, who outlined future perspectives for RAL.

Great programme for a very special day!



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