[RAL Diagnostics vs COVID-19] – To keep the activity going as usual


Monday March 16th, 2020, the French government took drastic means aiming at reducing propagation of COVID-19 among the population, specifically containment. RAL Diagnostics is strictly observing all restrictions. We are taking actions in terms of internal organization to continue our activities. We keep delivering our customers while preserving the health of our employees with the utmost care. 

A specific work organization has been deployed to continue our operations. All our employees dedicated to manufacturing, quality control and shipping of our products are the only ones operating on site. 



All employees working on other activities are remotely working from home. They will be able to deal with most of the usual tasks including managing your orders. Your usual contacts remain available, by email preferably. 




If you need to have the contact of a specific service, please send an email to An automatically generated answers will be sent with all the contact list, email addresses and when available, direct phone numbers. 

Our team are also working to understand the immediate needs of clinical laboratories and adapting our value chain to address better this outbreak. 

For the time being, the organization set up allow us to answer most of your requests and orders. However, a slight delay may be observed considering the previously unseen circumstances. 

On behalf of RAL Diagnostics team, we thank you for your confidence and wish you to keep a positive attitude throughout this difficult period.

RAL Diagnostics team



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