« Series of portraits » – Meet Barbara Mula (Aka « Barbie »)


Every month, I will invite you to go behind the scenes of RAL DIAGNOSTICS.

This monthly appointment will allow you to discover the women and the men who make RAL DIAGNOSTICS.

This month, I propose you to meet Barbara, our Logistics Manager, “The cheerfulness of the house” or “Barbie“, as some like to call her. she agreed to answer some of our questions.


Barbara Mula - RAL Diagnostics - Logistics manager


What is your greatest professional achievement ?

My evolution within RAL DIAGNOSTICS is my greatest professional achievement ! I started in 2010 as a simple Logistics Operator and today I am Logistics Manager. What a long way…

In 3 words, How do you describe your role within RAL Diagnostics ?


What do you prefer in your job ?

My favourite part of my job is the organization : Assignment of new storage areas or a new product, create its palletizing, define its storage and collaborate with the relevant departments for the smooth running of the project.

What is your mantra ?

Alone, there is not much we can do. Together, we are stronger and able to go further

Tell me something about you that would surprise us !

My basic training is early childhood, I am specialized in handicrafts for the 3-6 years old. I was not at all destined for logistics.


See you next month…

Fabricant français de réactifs de coloration pour le diagnostic médical