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Kit Diag-Oestro

Detection of Œstrogenic impregnation in VAGINAL AND PREPUTIAL CELLS

Ref. 363255

Kit Diag-Oestro

The Kit Diag-Œstro is a quick version of Harris Shorr staining for vaginal or preputial smear examination.

In 2 minutes, the staining Kit Diag-Œstro allows to differentiate cells according to their tinctorial affinity : the more advanced the keratinization process, the more red-orangey the cells. (cf. photos)



Vaginal smear is the main examination indicated for the differential diagnosis of vulvar discharge.

Vulvar discharges may have various origins. Kit Diag-Œstro allows to determinate œstrogenic impregnation.



Preputial smear highlights excessive œstrogenism.

This simple and quick examination constitutes the first approach in males showing feminization syndrome or suspected of certain testicular tumors.


Name Reference Packing
Rinsing solution A 363280 100 ml
Haematoxylin stabilized solution 362850 100 ml
Differenciator 363270 100 ml
Rinsing solution B 363290 100 ml
Shorr solution 361100 100 ml
Rinsing solution C 363300 100 ml
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