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Gram-Hücker L Kit

To differentiate Gram-positive from Gram-negative Bacteria

Ref. 362860

Gram-Hücker L Kit

Gram-Hücker staining is based on the same principle than the Gram-Nicolle staining. The structure of the bacterial walls and their permeability to alcohol help differentiate the Gram-negative bacteria from the Gram-positive ones. In this technique, Carbolic Gentian Violet is replaced by Crystal Violet Oxalate (that does not require filtration) and Ziehl-Carbolic Fuchsin by Safranin.


Name Reference Packing
Cristal Violet oxalate 361490 240 ml (Other packagings 1000, 2500 ml)
Lugol PVP stabilized solution 367400 240 ml (Other packagings 1000, 2500 ml)
Fast Differenciator 361510 240 ml (Other packagings 1000, 2500 ml)
Safranin 361500 240 ml (Other packagings 1000 ml, 2500 ml)
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