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Myeloperoxydase Kit

Staining Kit for the Differentiation of Leukaemia.

Ref. 361610

Myeloperoxydase Kit
Ready to use

Peroxidase granulations form an insoluble bright red compound with pyronin in presence of Alphanaphtol and Hydrogen Peroxide. The nuclei of leukocytes stain blue with Mayer Haematoxylin.


This kit is benzidine-free. Benzidine is replaced by Alphanaphtol-Pyronin.


Name Reference Packing
Alphanaphtol in solution 320750 30 ml
Formol/Etanol Solution 310850 125 ml
Mayer Haematoxylin 361620 125 ml
Hydrogen peroxyde 300980 10 ml
Pyronine in 0,02% aqueous solution 361800 125 ml
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