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Wright Staining

Widespread in Anglo-Saxon

Wright Staining

Very widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries, Wright Staining permits medullary and blood cell counting. Wright Stain is a mixture of Methylene Blue and derivates complexed by Eosin. Wright Solution fix blood smears by his methyl alcohol content. As a neutral stain in an alcoholic medium, Wright Solution releases its staining action only after the addition of buffered solution.


Name Reference Packing
Wright Staining in solution 320400 125, 1000, 2500 ml
Buffer Ph=7.0 361600 6 doses for 6x1 L
Buffer Ph=6.8 363568 6 doses for 6x1 L
Buffer Ph=7.2 363572 6 doses for 6x1 L
Buffer Ph=7.0 in solution for haematology 330370 1000, 5000 ml
Buffer Ph=6.8 in solution for haematology 330368 1000, 5000 ml
Buffer Ph=7.2 in solution for haematology 363572 1000, 5000 ml
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