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Trichrome de Masson Kit, Anilin Blue variation

Staining for Histological and Cytological studies of Fixed and Paraffined Tissue Sections

Ref. 361670

Trichrome de Masson Kit, Anilin Blue variation
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Staining with kit Trichrome de Masson, Blue aniline variation enables a trichromic station on histological sections with a specific coloration of the collagen by Blue.

Mayer Haemalum stains nuclei black-blue or brown. Ponceau Fuchsin solution stains cytoplams red pink. Light green stains collagen blue.



Name Reference Packing
Mayer Haemalum 320550 100 ml (Other packagings 1000, 2500 ml)
Fuchsin Ponceau 361770 100 ml
1% Acetic water 361840 200 ml
Acid phosphomolybdique 300140 100 ml
Aniline blue 361880 100 ml
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